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vine root twig ball and barnacles
vine root twig ball and barnacles


Drawing does hundreds of things, for example: 

  • It makes sense of non-sense and nonsense of sense 
  • It contains more time than is needed to look at it 
  • It is history of experience whose content is non-visual 
  • It is never non-referential 
  • It is a way of thinking 
  • It is a means of searching for an identity 
  • It is a catalyst an assistant and often a critic 
  • It can have finite or infinite space 
  • Its content is never wholly contained in the drawing 
  • It is always made by somebody 
  • It can always become a thing in itself 
  • It can be a dialogue between visual and verbal languages 
  • It records value systems that have been decided by others 
  • It is a way of seeing 

This is taken from a list drawn up by the author of the "Little book of sculpture” - Carl Plackman ARCA - a sculptor's sculptor, (now sadly deceased), who taught at Goldsmith's.

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